River Hazards Removed for Paddlers

On 11/15/09, members of the Naugatuck Valley Outdoor Club (NVOC) planned and removed two large cement and metal pipes from the Naugatuck River to help create safer recreational environment for kayakers and canoeists. NVOC members - Gary Frenis, Bill Mis, Dave Faber - Connecticut Outdoors, LLC, Bob Bradley - Beacon Falls Merchant's Association, George Davis Industrial Riggers, Jim Burns, Chris Jurzynski from Beacon Falls (Yepcan, LLC excavation & landscaping), Chris Moon of Camp Mattatuck (Boy Scouts of America) and photographer Joe Savarese of the Naugatuck River Watershed Association participated in the clean-up event. Volunteers did all work with Industrial Riggers donating use of its equipment and operator.

The “Naugy” at one time was one of the worst polluted rivers in the country. The river has come back from being dead. For many years large items that included shopping carts, car parts, barrels and tires have been removed from the Naugatuck River and it’s banks by members of Trout Unlimited (TU), Naugatuck River Watershed Association (NRWA) and Naugatuck Valley Outdoors Club (NVOC). In addition, members of area ecology clubs, Boy Scouts, soccer teams, other groups and the general public have helped to clean the river banks, Linden Park and the ball fields in Naugatuck. It’s through the partnership of recreational users of the park, fields and river that those areas and the river are much cleaner now, resulting in many species of fish, birds and river dwelling animals returning and thriving there now.

Chris Moon does the yeoman's job of attaching a tow rope to the pipes.

This large, heavy pipe took lot of effort to be removed from the Naugy.

Bill Mis in the canoe feeds the rope to Chris Moon who secures it to one of the pipes.


For more information about the history of the river and the work that has been accomplished by more than a thousand volunteers since 1984 visit the TU and NRWA websites - www.naugawatshed.org. and www.tunaugpomp.org.

This recent clean up is also in preparation of the 2010 Naugatuck River Race and Festival scheduled for Saturday May 8th with participant’s traveling through the towns of Waterbury, Naugatuck and finishing in Beacon Falls to a music and environmental festival. The Naugatuck River Race and Festival is the largest paddle sports event in Connecticut and this third year brings great promise to the continued efforts to restore the “Naugy” back to recreational use.

For more information contact Dave Faber at Connecticut Outdoors, LLC., 20 Main Street, Oakville, CT. 06779 (860) 274-6213 www.4ctoutdoors.com