Recent Wildlife SightingS

"Recent 2015 Sightings"

All photographs by Joe Savarese unless stated otherwise. All photographs and images are the property of the NRWA and may not be reproduced in any way without the written permission of the Watershed.




Naugy Ned
Naugy Ned seen 4-13-12 in Naugatuck in a tree by the river. Photo by Ernie Ludwig

Screech Owl-red-phase Photo by Bob Zabit

White Tail Deer and Wild Turkey photo by Paul J. Fusco DEEP –Wildlife.

Beaver photo by Joseph Savarese

Mallard Duck photo by Joseph Savarese

Damsel Fly photo by Joseph Savarese

None of these may be reproduced with out permission of the photographer.

Photos by Bob Gregorski

Mother and youngster enjoy feeding on apples.

The blue heron is inspecting the new constructed muskrat lodges on Hop Brook.